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AlRashed Group is a prominent Saudi conglomerate with a diverse portfolio of investments and companies spanning various business sectors in Saudi Arabia and beyond. In addition to our core business areas, we have strategic investments in synergistic sectors that enhance value for our customers, stakeholders, and shareholders.


Our dynamic investment division holds an extensive and solid portfolio in KSA, the MENA region, and other markets worldwide. We have a magnetic focus on global opportunities that offer high growth and return potential. Our portfolio includes both publicly listed and privately owned companies as well as joint ventures.

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As real estate specialists in property development, we work hand-in-hand with clients and partners to select the best locations and deliver trustworthy services with true value. Quality and innovation in our properties attract investors with whom we grow and pull ahead of our competitors.

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We have a wide network of integrated companies geographically spread across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, GCC, and the MENA region. Our companies operate in six business areas of building materials, cement and bulk materials, construction materials, industrial products, automotive products, and food products.

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Our contracting division comprises of a group of independent companies competing in specific areas of the construction sector. Each company is focused on segments that enable them to exercise competitive advantages. The diverse sectors range from commercial construction, EPC works in the oil and water sectors, upstream precision machining to offshore maintenance.

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