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Our Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, are a testament to our unwavering commitment towards creating a positive impact. We believe in the power of collective action and responsibility.

Within these pages, you'll uncover details of our journey, showcasing the numerous initiatives that have shaped communities and elevated lives. From sustainable environmental practices to empowering educational programs, our footprint extends far beyond business borders. Discover how we've woven social responsibility into the very fabric of our corporate ethos, fostering a brighter, more sustainable future for generations to come.



Misbar Scientific Camp 6 / Benaa Association for Orphan Care

Through its social partnerships with various entities in the third sector, the group focuses on supporting needy groups and empowering them through various scientific and development programs. The group contributed to supporting the Misbar scientific camp in its sixth edition, organized by the Benaa Association for Orphan Care in cooperation with King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals, in the year 2022. The camp aims to provide solutions that contribute to cognitive and scientific enrichment and create a societal impact for 120 orphans, male and female, in various scientific fields.


Educational scholarships for children from needy families

Providing annual scholarships for 10 male and female students since 2021 to support the educational journey of children from needy families who are in kindergarten, in cooperation with the Roses of Life Center of the Motherhood and Childhood Association.



Sponsoring the Scientific Forum “Challenges of Treatment and Rehabilitation”

Organized by the Charitable Society for those recovering from Drugs and Psychotropic Substances and in cooperation with the Saudi Society for the Treatment of Addiction, the first scientific forum was held in the Kingdom entitled “Challenges of Treatment and Rehabilitation” in early 2023, which discusses the possibilities of rehabilitating addicted youth to create therapeutic opportunities that ensure them to live a healthy life through private rehabilitation centers affiliated with specialized associations.


Supporting the Ministry of Health’s programs to combat the Covid-19 pandemic

AlRashed Group was keen to extend bridges of support to the health sector, as it provided its support to provide preventive vaccines to combat the 2020 Corona pandemic.


AlRashed Physiotherapy Centre

In support of needy groups of society with disabilities and to enhance social responsibility towards them, the AlRashed Group provided its support to the physical therapy center of the Efaa Association for the Care of People with Disabilities in 2023, as the center aims to raise the quality of physical therapy services.


Developing primary health care centers

AlRashed Group, in cooperation with the Ministry of Health, represented by the Health Endowment Fund, worked to develop the primary health care center in the Riyadh region, Hittin district, to provide a model of comprehensive and integrated health care services in accordance with the health transformation program and to benefit members of the local community in the region.



Ajda Development Fund

Ajda Development Fund is one of the projects affiliated with Al-Bir Association in the Eastern Province. It aims to develop needy groups of society, including families of orphans and widows with limited income, by training and qualifying them in popular crafts or professional skills, then providing good loans to them that help them open small to medium projects that contribute to making them families of their own. Production capabilities that suffice them with need and want and move them towards production and development.



Affordable housing project

The group concluded a tripartite agreement with the Developmental Housing Corporation in its Jood Housing project, where the beneficiary represents the third party in the agreement, to own 30 housing units in various regions of the Kingdom, based on providing safe housing for needy Saudi families.


Owning residential units

Owning housing units for families of widows and orphans with limited income, in cooperation with the Bena Association for Orphan Care, in line with the objectives of the housing program of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, which stipulates providing opportunities to own suitable housing for Saudi families.


Restoration of homes for needy families/ Tarmim Association

Through a development partnership that lasted for more than 4 years with the Tarmim Association, the Rashed AlRashed Group worked to renovate more than 60 homes of the most needy families through financial and in-kind support with the assistance of the group’s affiliated companies, to create a societal impact on the lives of the beneficiary families.



Recycling containers / Aini Cooperative Society

AlRashed Group worked to provide smart, environmentally friendly recycling containers in the external facilities of the group’s headquarters in Al Khobar, in cooperation with the Aini Cooperative Society, to support the environmental movement undertaken by international organizations in support of the issue of environmental cover and water and land pollution.


Cleanliness Campaigns

Believing in the responsibility of the Rashed AlRashed Group and its employees for their societal role towards the environment, the group, represented by its volunteer team, held a special campaign to clean the beaches of Al-Khobar Governorate, in which the group’s employees and their children participated, in order to consolidate the principles of participatory responsibility to work on cleaning public facilities in the region.


Afforestation campaign / Eastern Province Secretariat

In line with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 towards a green Saudi Arabia, AlRashed Group, represented by its volunteer team, and in cooperation with the Eastern Province Secretariat, worked to organize a afforestation campaign in public facilities in Al Khobar, with the participation of both its employees and their children.